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Who is called the father of computer science?

A. Alan Turing
B. Charles Babbage
C. J. Presper Eckert
D. John Mauchly

Answer & Solution
Option: A
Explanation :The father of computer science is Alan Turing. Alan Turing is considered to be the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. His Turing machines formal and simple devices that based on the concepts of algorithm and computation played an important role in creation of the modern computer. Turing was also a codebreaker in World War II, that helps to end the war and saving thousands of lives. During World War II, Turing helped to develop a machine that cracked the Enigma code used by Nazi Germany.
After the war Turing worked on the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE), although his ACE was never built. Alan Turing proposing a test to determine whether a computer is “intelligent”. The Turing test was based on the theory that a computer could ‘think’. His ‘Turing test’ is still used as for examining whether a machine considered to be thinking.
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