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Which of the following is not relevant to networking

A. Low-end stand alone hubs
B. Stackable hubs
C. Mesh network
D. Bus hubs

Answer & Solution
Option: D
Explanation :Stackable hubs work just like standalone hubs, except that several of them can be “stacked” or connected together with short lengths of special cable. When they are connected together, they act like a modular hub, because they can be managed as a single unit. These hubs are ideal those who want to start with a minimal investment, but realize that the LAN will grow.
Low-end stand alone hubs are single products with a number of ports. Standalone hubs usually include some method of linking them to other standalone hubs for network expansion. Standalone hubs are usually the least expensive type of hub, and are best suited for small, independent workgroups, departments, or offices, typically with fewer than 12 users per LAN.
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