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Which of the following enzymes is present in the Saliva?

A. Ptyalin
B. Bile
C. Trypsin
D. Lipases

Answer & Solution
Option: A
Explanation :Ptyalin is an enzyme that is part of your saliva and aids with digestion. Enzymes are compounds that help speed up chemical reactions. In the case of saliva, the enzymes help speed up reactions that break down the food you eat. Even before food makes it to your stomach it begins to break down, and enzymes help make the process go smoothly.
Ptyalin helps digestion by breaking down starches and glycogens as they enter your mouth. After the starches and glycogen are covered with saliva, they are broken down into maltose and glucose — simple sugars that can be used more readily by the body. After the ptyalin speeds up the chemical reaction that breaks down these molecules, it simply unbinds from them and binds to a different set of molecules. Ptyalin can be used again and again, and this is what allows us to continue eating starches and glycogen.
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