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Maria Montessori was educationists

A. American
B. Italian
C. German
D. None of these

Answer & Solution
Option: B
Explanation :Maria Montessori was educationists of Italy. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) devised an internationally popular method of early childhood education. Two important trends highlight Montessori’s life and times; emphasis on early childhood and the rise of feminism. Like Pestalozzi and Forcible Montessori recognized that children’s early experiences have an important influence on their later lives. Defying the barriers on women’s education, Montessori was admitted to the university of Rome and was the first women in Italy to be awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Maria Montessori was educationists of Italy.
As a physician, Montessori worked with children regarded as mentally handicapped and psychologically impaired. Her methods with these children were so effective that she concluded they were useful for all children.
Her educational contributions were:

    Concept of sensitive periods, phases of development, when certain activities and materials are especially useful in sensory, motor, and cognitive learning.
    Recognition that learning is complex and involves a variety of experiences.
    Emphasis on the school as part of the community and the need for parent participation and support.
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