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Black-board is group/category of teaching-aids?

A. Audio-aids
B. Visual-aids
C. Audio-visual aids
D. None of these

Answer & Solution
Option: B
Explanation :Black board is group/category of Visual-aids teaching-aids. Teaching aids are the tools that teachers use them in classroom such as flash cards, maps, cassette, and black board. A Teacher aid is a tool used by teachers to help learners improve reading and other skills, fact or idea, and relieve anxiety, fears, or boredom since many teaching aids like games.
There are three types/group/category of teaching aids
i) Audio Aids
ii) Visual Aid
iii) Audio-Visual Aid
i) Audio Aids:- Audio Aids enhance the listening and communication skills of the learners. This teaching type help those students who are auditory learners. Audio aids have audio contents like gramophone, radio, teleconferencing, and tape recorders etc.. These audio contents helps students to develop their mental powers and hearing powers by listening audio contents.
ii) Visual Aid:- Learning through visual representation is called visual aids. Visual aids have contents that we can see with our eyes. One of the most important category or type of teaching aid that teachers always use in their teaching-learning process like blackboard, chalk, duster, picture, map, graphs, charts, posters, museums, and projectors
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