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Which reason made hazrat ismail (A.S) forced to divorced his wife?

A. She was disobedient
B. She was dishonest
C. It is order of Jibrael(A.S)
D. She was discourteous

Answer & Solution
Option: D
Explanation:-After Hazrat Ismail(A.S) marriage, Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S) visited his son and daughter-in-law one day. When he arrived Hazrat Ismail(A.S) was not at home. He asked his daughter-in-law where he had gone. She said he had gone out to find sustenance.
Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S) asked his daughter-in-law some questions in order to find out whether she deserved to be Ismail’s wife and find out the degree of her devotion to Allah:
“How is your livelihood?” she answered,
“We have very little food. We have a miserable life.” She complained about her life.
Hazrat Ibrahim(a.s) found out about her character. While he was leaving, he said to her,
“When your husband comes, give my greetings to your husband and tell him to change his doorstep.”
When Hazrat Ismail(a.s) arrived home, he felt that his father had come. He asked his wife,
“Did anybody come to our house?” She said,
“Yes an old man wearing old clothes came and asked about you. I answered him. Then, he asked me about our livelihood. I said we were having hard times.” Thereupon, Hazrat Ismail(a.s) said,
“Did he advise you anything or did she tell you to say anything to me?” She said,
“Yes, he told me to give you his greetings and to change your doorstep.”
Thereupon, Hazrat Ismail(a.s) said to his wife,
“The old man is my father. He ordered me to divorce you. You can go to your parents’ house.” He divorced his wife and married another woman. He started to lead a peaceful and happy life with his new wife.
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