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First Commander in chief of Army was

A. Gen. Frank Meservy
B. Gen. Muhammad Sharif
C. General Muhammad Ayub Khan
D. None of these

Answer & Solution
Option: A
Explanation :First Commander in chief of Army was Gen. Frank Meservy. The Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army (reporting name: C-in-C) was normally the highest-ranking officer in the Pakistan Army from the country’s independence to 1972.
1. General Frank Messervy (August 15, 1947 To February 10, 1948)
2. General Douglas Gracey (February 11, 1948 To January 16, 1951). The last British person to hold the C-in-C title, served as an acting full general.
3. General Ayub Khan (January 17, 1951 To October 27, 1958). The first native Pakistani person to be the C-in-C, also the first chief to become President of the country. He was a self promoted Field Marshal after becoming the President.
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