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Who invented Bicycle?

A. C.F. Jenkins
B. Tycho Brahe
C. Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore
D. Pierre Michaux & Pierre Lallement

Answer & Solution
Option: D
Explanation :From medieval Italy to the 19th century France, four major inventors contributed to the rise of the bicycle. Some created true innovations, others improved upon earlier models, but only one man is today regarded as the true inventor of the bicycle. Frenchman Pierre Michaux (together with his son Ernest and partner Pierre Lallement) created first pedal based bicycle during early 1860s. That moment started long and successfully history of bicycle that we all know and use today.
Final great landmark of bicycle history happened in 1885 with the appearance of John Kemp Starley’s “safety bicycle”. Equipped with standardized metal frame, rear wheel chain drive and pneumatic wheels, this model became instant success. Everyone was able to drive it, and its use became widespread all across the world.
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