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Which are the two neutral states of the world?

A. Netherlands and Vatican city
B. Latvia and Lithuania
C. Switzerland and Norway
D. Sweden and Switzerland

Answer & Solution
Option: D
Explanation : A neutral country is a country that doesn’t take sides. This could be during a certain war, or it could be for all conflicts. Countries that are neutral in future conflicts do not enter military alliances. The definition of “neutral” varies from country to country. Some nations, for example, do not have a military. Others do have a military in place to protect themselves if needed but do not deploy their militaries to other nations.
Throughout history, there have been various nations around the world that have been neutral. Currently, nations that are neutral against future conflicts are: 1. Austria 2.Costa Rica 3.Finland 4.Ghana 5.Ireland 6.Japan 7.Liechtenstein 8.Malta 9.Mexico 10.Mongolia 11.Moldova 12.Panama 13.Rwanda 14.Serbia 15.Singapore 16.Sweden 17.Switzerland 18.Turkmenistan 19.Uzbekistan 20.Vatican City
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