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E-2020 initiative is related to which item?

A. Marine Pollution control
B. Air Pollution Control
C. Eliminating Malaria
D. Eliminating Polio

Answer & Solution
Option: C
Explanation :In May 2015 the World Health Assembly endorsed a new Global Technical strategy for Malaria 2016-2030, setting ambitious goals aimed at dramatically lowering the global malaria burden over this 15-year period, with milestones along the way to track progress.
A key milestone for 2020 is the elimination of malaria in at least 10 countries that had the disease in 2015. To meet this target, countries must report zero indigenous cases in 2020.
According to a WHO analysis published in 2016, 21 countries have the potential to eliminate malaria by 2020. Together, they form the E-2020 initiative.
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