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How many rivers are present in Pakistan?

A. 20
B. 23
C. 26
D. 29

Answer & Solution
Option: D
Explanation : These are major rivers 1.Astor River 2.Chenab River 3.Dasht River 4.Dashtiari River 5.Gambila River 6.Ghaggar-Hakra River 7.Ghizar River 8.Gilgit River 9.Gomal River 10.Hub River 11.Hungol River 12.Hunza River 13.Indus River 14.Jhelum River 15.Kabul River 16.Swaan River 17.Kundar River 18.Kunhar River 19.Kurram River 20Lyari River 21.Malir River 22.Panjkora Panjnad River 23.Ravi River 24.Shigar River 25.Shimshal River 26.Sutlej River 27.Swat River 28.Tochi River 29.Zhob River
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