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Alibaba’s 11.11 Sales Cross how many billion in a Single Day of 11-11-2019

A. $30 Billion
B. $32 Billion
C. $36 Billion
D. $38 Billion

Answer & Solution
Option: D
Explanation :Alibaba Chinese multinational e-commerce claimed that products worth $38.4 billion were sold from its platform. Most users bought electronic products and fashion items on the 11th edition of the Singles Day shopping event.
In 2009, Alibaba group started a shopping event on 11th November called Single’s Day. The annual event soon gained more popularity than the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping sales. The sales on this year Single’s Day are equal to 80% of Amazon’s sales in the latest quarter.
The shopping event for 2019 kicked off with a live performance by Taylor Swift. According to Alibaba executives the platform sold products worth $1 billion just 68 seconds into the annual event. It only took Alibaba 30 minutes to reach the $10 billion mark.
Here’s the breakdown of the sales value each year since its launch:

  • 2009: $10 Million
    2010: $140 Million
    2011: $800 Million
    2012: $3.1 Billion
    2013: $5.8 Billion
    2014: $9.3 Billion
    2015: $14.3 Billion
    2016: $17.7 Billion
    2017: $25.3 Billion
    2018: $30.8 Billion
    2019: $38.4 Billion
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