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______ is used for applying motions to slides in slide show

A. Animation Scheme
B. Template
C. Master Slide
D. None of these

Answer & Solution
Option: A
Explanation :Animation Scheme is used for applying motions to slides in slide show. In MS Power point 2003 the Animation Schemes task pane provides easy application of motions to slides in your slides.
Steps hot to open the Animation Schemes task pane in MS Power point 2003:
From the Slide Show menu, select Animation Schemes…
From the Other Task Panes pull-down list, select Slide Design – Animation Schemes.The Animation Schemes task pane appears.
In MS Power point 2003 the animation schemes are organized by following type of animation:
i. Subtle
ii. Moderate
iii. Exciting.
Each of the above scheme includes a combination of a specific animation for title and body of the slide and maybe even a motions to slides in slide show. To see what is being applied, hold your mouse over desired choice and the alternate text will tell you what effects will be being applied for that scheme.
You can use animation to effectively manage the flow of information in your presentation, emphasise key points and to increase
participants’ interest in your presentation. There are four types of animation effects in MS PowerPoint 2016
i. Entrance:- Entrance effects control the way objects appear on your slide.
ii. Emphasis:- Emphasis effects control how the audience’s eye is drawn to the animated object.
iii. Exit:- Exit effects determine how the animated objects will leave the slide.
iv. Motion paths:- Motion paths control the movement of your text or objects around the slide.

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