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Assembly language use which technology for programming

A. Symbols
B. Data
C. Mnemonic codes
D. Alpha numeric

Answer & Solution
Option: C
Explanation :MNEMONIC: English word MNEMONIC means “A device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.” So, its usually used by assembly language programmers to remember the “OPERATIONS” a machine can do, like “ADD” and “MUL” and “MOV” etc. This is assembler specific.
OPCODE: It is a number interpreted by your machine(virtual or silicon) that represents the operation to perform.
In computer assembler (or assembly) language, a mnemonic is an abbreviation for an operation. It’s entered in the operation code field of each assembler program instruction. for example AND AC,37 which means AND the AC register with 37. so AND, SUB and MUL are mnemonic. They are get translated by the assembler.
BYTECODE: Same as machine code, except, its mostly used by a software based interpreter(like Java or CLR).
MACHINE CODE: It is the sequence of numbers that flip the switches in the computer on and off to perform a certain job of work – such as addition of numbers, branching, multiplication, etc etc. This is purely machine specific and well documented by the implementers of the processor..
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