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Which system can process data that are incomplete

A. Random
B. Neural
C. Fuzzy logic
D. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Answer & Solution
Option: C
Explanation :The term fuzzy mean things which are not very clear or vague. In real life, we may come across a situation where we can’t decide whether the statement is true or false. At that time, fuzzy logic offers very valuable flexibility for reasoning. We can also consider the uncertainties of any situation.
Fuzzy logic algorithm helps to solve a problem after considering all available data. Then it takes the best possible decision for the given the input. The FL method imitates the way of decision making in a human which consider all the possibilities between digital values T and F.
The inventor of fuzzy logic, Lotfi Zadeh, observed that unlike computers, the human decision making includes a range of possibilities between YES and NO.
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