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Where River Nile originates from?

A. Bayan Har Mountains
B. Qinghai
C. Mantaro River
D. Lake Vitoria

Answer & Solution
Option: D
Explanation :River nile originates from Lake Victoria in east central Africa. Nile is the longest river in the world having length of 6,695 km (4,160 miles).
The Nile is an international river shared by 11 countries in Africa. However, it is the main source of water in two countries Egypt and Sudan. The Blue and the White Nile are the two tributaries of the river with the latter having a greater length than the former. The source of the White Nile is not yet fully determined but is believed to be somewhere in Burundi or Rwanda. According to some reports, Lake Victoria is considered to be the source of the White Nile which is, in turn, fed by the Kagera River whose two major tributaries are the Ruvyironza and the Nyabarongo rivers of Burundi and Rwanda, respectively. The Kagera is formed at the confluence of these two rivers near the Tanzania-Rwanda border. The Blue Nile has a more defined origin in Lake Tana in Ethiopia. The two tributaries meet near the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. The Nile River’s final course is through Egypt before it forms a delta and drains into the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, River nile originates from Lake Victoria in east central Africa.
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