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Administration is derived from Latin Word

A. Ministic
B. Manistic
C. Mfnistic
D. Mcnistic

Answer & Solution
Option: A
Explanation :The term administration has been derived from the Latin word ‘ministic’ which means service offered to other for their welfare.
The Oxford Dictionary explains administration as ‘management of business, management of public affairs, government etc.’ Thus administration may be defined as the management of an organization or institution. The management means to run, handle, conduct or control. Administration stands for handling, conducting and controlling of an organization.
Educational administration “Educational administration is the process of integrating the efforts of personnel and of utilizing appropriate materials in such a way as to promote effectively the development of human qualities. It is concerned not only with the development of children and youth but also with the growth of adults and particularly with the growth of school personnel.”
Educational administration is therefore a comprehensive effort intended to achieve some specific educational objectives and it deals with educational policies and practices. It is concerned with both (i) Human (ii) Material resources.
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