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In 1961 from which university Micro Teaching System started?

A. Stanford University
B. Oxford University
C. Delhi University
D. Cambridge University

Answer & Solution
Option: A
Explanation :First time in 1961 from Stanford University the micro teaching system started. Micro teaching as it was first time defined in 1963 by DW Allen and Rayan.
According to D.W Allen Micro teaching is scaled down teacher encounter in class size and time.
Characteristics of Micro teaching:-

  • i. Micro teaching is a real teaching.
  • ii. It reduces the complexities of normal classroom teaching.
  • iii. It is an individualized teacher training programme.
  • iv. It provides the feedback for the trainee’s performance.
  • v. It is training programme for preparing effective teachers.
  • vi. It focuses on the training for the accomplishment of specific teaching skills. One skill is practiced at a time
  • vii. High degree of control is attained in this device.
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