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Which one is the name recently new discovered Jupiter like planet?

A. K2-293b
B. GJ 3512 b
C. TG 287
D. K-294b

Answer & Solution
Option: B
Explanation :The Spanish-led team wrote in the journal Science that the newly confirmed planet did not form the usual, gradual way, where a solid core of merging particles takes shape before a gas buildup. Instead, in a surprise to scientists, the planet seems to have arisen straight from gas.
Lead author Juan Carlos Morales of the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia said the planet may be almost as big as its star. A year there is about 200 days.
The planet orbiting this particularly small and cool red dwarf star, officially known as GJ 3512, is at least half the mass of Jupiter. Scientists are unable to measure its dimensions, but models indicate it may be comparable to Jupiter in size, according to Morales.
Astronomers have discovered a gas Jupiter like planet which has been named as “GJ 3512 b” which orbits around a dwarf star that is located about 30 light years from the sun. The planet completes one orbit around the star every 7 months(204 days) and has a mass about half that of Jupiter. A Spanish-German resarch consortium called CARMENES detected the GJ 3512 b planet
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